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Tameka King began styling hair fifteen years ago in 2002. She loved being able to give her clients confidence with a new cut or style, and the challenge each new hair design held.

Drawing on her experience and desires, Tameka took a leap of faith, and in 2011 she opened Tailored 2 You in Texarkana, Texas. It quickly became a thriving salon with a full staff and appointment book.

However, Tameka wanted to reach more people. “I wanted to provide top-quality virgin hair to the everyday woman. It needed to be affordable and excellent quality,” Tameka said when explaining her vision.

So, in 2015 Tameka created a new branch in her growing business—Tailored Hair Extensions.

What you see here is a culmination of her hard work, long nights, and countless hours standing behind a stylist’s chair. All of this, to bring you the best hair out there.